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"A Year Ago Today is a lovely touch of how a singer-songwriter tells a story....I want to hear again and again.  "Heroes"........That one's a stunner straight from the heart." 

Deborah Grabien   NO DEPRESSION 

"When I listen to A Year Ago Today, I notice the attention to song-craft and lyricism...a phenomenal guitarist.

Dylan Muhlberg  

"Featuring some of his finest work to date....a remarkable collection of songs that are both moving and inspiring."

Akan K Stout   105 The River

I’m definitely dazzled by Mike Mizwinski’s CD, East Hope Avenue, please believe me. This is some strong stuff.

You gotta check this out."

Dennis McNally (Grateful Dead publicist)

"The evidence is all in the music, I say well done!"

Bill Payne (Little Feat)

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